Friday, April 5, 2013

My Fiafia Practice

Every Thursday and Friday I go to my Fiafia practice .Im in the  senior Samoan group .
I love the  Samoan  group because it is fun and I get to meet a lot of nice people. The person next to me is very nice she encouraged me to do my best.I like  Samoan people because they encourage me a lot.
By Mya

Fiafia practice

Yesterday  after lunch we had   Fiafia practice.So we ran as fast as we could to our  fiafia groups.Once we got there we got into our position and started  to dance.When we finished we headed    Back to classy Ii

Fiafia parctices

On thusday I went to my fiafia group.In room 15 in miss king class room .My  favourite part
Was doing the hip hop dance.I falt so happy because I learnt a lot of move.It falt like all the pressure
lifted of me
By sulieti

Easter weekend

On Easter Monday  I had a Easter hunt with my brother  and I.At my home with little Easter eggs and two big Easter egg too.