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Welcome to my teaching part of the blog! I'm looking forward to posting movies and photos to show what we get up to in Room 11. 

The Incredible Years Programme in Action
Since the beginning of the year, up until now I have had the privilege of doing the Incredible years programme for teachers. This was a great programme to be involved in not only because it  helped with my behaviour management but it gave me the opportunity to have discussions with other teachers who also teach within the area. It helped consolidate what I already knew and have in place but it has also made me aware of some changes I needed to make or what things I should tweak to make them more effective. My ultimate goal when it comes to behaviour is have children who are socially and emotionally competent. 

IYT Programme from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

These holidays I have been working on our very own google site. I'm very excited that it is now up and going. It is a place where the children of Room 11 and their families can find some useful information, links and videos to help support their learning. 

Click here to visit Room 11's SITE and don't forget you can leave a comment here to share your thoughts.

Room 11's SITE

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  1. Hi Miss Walters our websites is really cool and fun. It help on my math, reading and my homework.


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