Friday, May 31, 2013

aliyah's word cloud

My word cloud. 

mubashshir's word cloud

This is my word cloud about getting our Chromebooks.

Omari's word cloud

My word cloud about getting our Chromebooks. 


This is my first time on the netbook

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My new netbook

When Mr Basks arrived at room 11  with the red cow and in side the red cow they
were  new netbook in side it.


This  is  a  photo  of  me  taking  a  photo  on  my  new  netbook.


This is a photo of me taking a photo on my  new netbook .


this is a photo of me taking a photo on my new netbook. today mr barks arrived to room11  with the red cow inside were our brand new netbooks.


this is me taking a photo of me in room11 


today Mr barks gave us some netbook so we can Mail Miss Walters
and we can get our own netbook and I can't wait to get

Our PENN Movie

Monday, May 20, 2013

Crazy scientist

I think that my picture is funny because I looked crazy.Its like I was a real scientist doing an experiment in a lab and I got happy.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The coke exploded!

Tj's Independent Post

If you want to do this get a bottler of coke mint mentos and a geyser tube.
Rules rule1 take the lip off the bottle coke the next rule put the mentos in the bottler of coke 
the last one pin the pn out  then coke will explode


Amethyst is learning to post on our blog by herself. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Milk Experiment

At school after lunch we were doing milk experiment with miss walters it was fun. from loseli


On Wednesday after lunch we did the experiment outside on the field at school .

Thursday, May 9, 2013 visits PES came to Pt England School today.


I saw Will.I.Am in the hall next to the teachers.First Will.I.Am watches the pounanu group preformed  for he. visit. Pt England school

Today  came to pt England school . My favourite part was when he came to our school.  
By sulietii

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In the holidays I went to the pools.I went to swimarama and there were a little bit of people there.But the out side pool were closed because of winter.i of lots of fun at the pools.later on i made a new friend to. By DJ

my happy hoilday

In the hoilday i stayed at home with my mum and sister .I help mum clean  the house  . my sister have to clean the room  . me and my mum clean the front revival


In the  holiday  i  went   to  my  aunitys   house  with   my   to    bothers .     i   had     fun   because   i     went   to   Gi    with  my    cousin     me  and  her   went    to  the    libere   my   borther   playd   on   the  computer.  
by  amethyst

My Holiday

In  the Holidays  I went  to my auntys  house .   when i got there i played   on my cousins tablet .  when i got it i played hello kitty. its a game when you sing and then  the kitty says the same  thing.                                                      by aliyah

My goal for Team 2

I wot to post conpliment on the blog to other classes.That has been on Anahera

my holiday

in the holiday i played games with my brothers we played rygby by bradley

My holiday

In the holidays i went to Valentines  for my cousins birthday. i ate sushi,roasted chicken,and pizza. For desert i had ice cream, cake, and some hot chocolate.Then we had fizzy drink and some juice.
by inez

goal for term 2

This term my goal   is to get top marks  so I could  more smart. I'm going to try  to improve my homework so when i grow i could learn  more. this term my goal is to  make my parents mubashshir


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Term 1 Animations

By Shyla

By Cameo

By Bradley

By Mubashshir

By Omari