Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Michael Reads!

Michael from Room 13 read a story to Room 2.
Watch this movie to see what story it was!

Even more Sentences from our Trip to Maungakiekie

On Wednesday this week Team 3 went to One Tree Hill and it was cool.
By Paris
It was loads of fun!
By Logan
Have you ever climbed a volcano? Well Team 3 did that this week on Wednesday. We travelled by bus to Maungakiekie.
By Gloria

Grace's Active Earth Animation

Monday, June 28, 2010

MORE Sentences from our Trip to Maungakiekie

Then we started to hike up to the top of Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill). When Team 3 got there they were reall tired and sweaty.
By Hope

We all climbed up to the top of the volcano and then we got to slide down the crater. I tried to make something with the rocks.
By Hayley

Then we down the crater, I was scared.
By Avoia

Finally today we're going on our trip this week. First when we got to Cornwall Park we got to play around. I was playing on he big field and we were running around.
By Jayden

Avoia's Active Earth Animation

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sentences from our Trip to Maungakiekie

We watched two animations about what to do when a volcano erupts.
By Jeryco

Mrs Jarman asked us to go to the education classroom were we watched movies about volcanoes. Some were scary.
By Ane
First we travelled by bus. When we were on the bus we were singing. Then we were there!
By Texas

When we got there we got to play around. Kids were rolling, all I did was run around.
By Mateo

We started to walk up the hill, it was a long walk!
By Vanessa

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ane's Active Earth Animation

Our Trip to Maungakiekie

Even more sentence extracts from our writing samples about One Tree Hill.

Once we got to there we could see other volcanoes and it was like we could see the whole of Auckland. I tried to see my house and so were my friends.
By Quziyah

I felt so tired that i laid under a tree. When we went to go back to school some people were sleeping on the bus like me.
By Brodie-Jack

Next we started to hike up the mountain, my legs got sore but I made it to the top of One Tree Hill.
By Serena

Do you know what we did? Let me tell you, team 3 went to Maungakiekie to learn about volcanoes.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Disaster Day at Pt England School

Click here to find out about our 'Disaster Day' yesterday. We are currently working on our recounts to tell you about this experience from our point of view.

An information report about Maungakiekie

General Statement
Maungakiekie is the maori name for One Tree Hill. One Tree Hill is the largest volcano in the Auckland field. This Mountain is a porminent landmark which means it is important to New Zealanders.


Maungakiekie was formed about 40, 000 to 50, 000 years ago. One Tree Hill has beautiful grassy slopes and gardens. This Mountain had a pine tree at the top near the tower but it got chopped down about ten years ago. When your on the top of One Tree Hill you get a 360-degree view of Auckland city.

One Tree Hill is situated with in Cornwall Park. The surrounding suburbs are Onehunga, Greenlane and Epsom. To get to the top of the summit you can walk, run, bike or drive up.


Maungakiekie is such a large volcano that it has 3 craters. It is unlikely to erupt again instead an eruption will take place in another location.

By Serena
For writing we have been learning to write information reports. This has worked in well with our Active Earth topic. All our information reports have been about volcanoes in the Auckland Volcanic Field.

Mount Wellington

General Statement
Mount Wellington is our local mountain. This means that it is the closest mountain to us. We have a dormant volcano that won't erupt anytime soon.

Mount Wellington is the youngest volcano onshore. This volcano was formed by an eruption about 9000 years ago. The mountain is 135 metres high and you can get up to the top by walking.

You can see Mount Wellington in the Auckland volcanic field. There are lots of suburb surrounding Mount Wellington like Panmure and Glen Innes. Mount Wellington is 10 kilometres southeast from Auckland City.

Maungarei is moari for Mount Wellington and translated as the watchful mountain. Moari used this area as a village so if their enemy is coming they can get ready to fight. Mount Wellington is unlikely to erupt again.

By Othaniel

The Big Foot Adventures

On Thursday the 13th of May the year 5's from room 13 and 16 went to ride on the bikes from Big Foot Adventures.

Tony said "we are going to have a slow race". When the race started I said to myself "Am I going to win or not?"

When Tony said "go" but all of the people from my team went to fast, they were supposed to go slow! After the slow race Tony said "Carlos is the winner" and I was happy.
By carlos

Moala's Active Earth Animation

Vanessa's Active Earth Animation

More sentence extracts from our writing sample about our trip to Maungakiekie.

We started to hike up the mountain. I got a whiff of sheep manure on the way! Finally we got to the top of One Tree Hill, our mission was completed.
Sentences by Grace
We went down the crater to write with the rocks.
Sentence by Alex

We had to be strong to spell words with the big rocks.
By Carlos

I liked learning new information about One Tree Hill. I felt really tired after a long walk.
By Makalita

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Trip to Maungakiekie

Below are some sentence extracts from our writing sample. We wrote about our trip to Maungakiekie.

When I woke up, the sun was beaming out of the sky and through my window. I said to myself "we finally get to go on our trip to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill).
Sentence by Howard

This week on Wednesday we travelled to Maungakiekie on a bus.
Sentence by Aldora

First we had loads of fun. We were rolling and sliding down, but I kept hitting my head on other people's mouths.
Sentence by Othaniel

Then we went into the education classroom, there was a teacher called Nadia. She showed us three rocks from volcanoes and one was from One Tree Hill. It was massive and it looked a little rusty.
Sentence by Shayne

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our trip to Maungakiekie

Here are some photos of our trip to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill).
The sun was shining and we had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rugby Skills

We were lucky enough to be taught some rugby skills last Friday.
Check out our rugby photo album to see what we got up to!