Friday, September 27, 2013

Angelo's A-Z

Using Skype

Last week we got to chat with our Australian buddies. We used Skype to chat to them.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

DJ's A-Z

Watching the America's Cup Race

We all have our fingers crossed for Team New Zealand. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This week in review by Omari


 This week it was cool because I got to decide what i can do next week.

 The thing I chose  was free time for 2 afternoons with 2 buddies.
I like this week because people are very nice to me.


The thing I didn't like about this week was being a little bit mean to other people.
I even didn't like getting in trouble when I was being a little bit bad.

I did not like being bad so i'm  going to be very good.


Today in the morning i got a duffy certificate.

Then I got to choose a duffy book from the library.

The book I chose was called goosebumps don't scream.

Revival PMI

 1 finish elearning.

2 have a party on monday .

3 learning how to solve multiplication.

1 we lost the America's race this morning.

2 some time  the race is postponed.

3 All the netball team finished netball.

1 when it was 1995 when miss Walters was 9 when we won the America's cup.

2 At school in the hall room 23 played three little pig
3 we are Skype our Aussie buddy. 

Love by Revival  

Loseli's P.M.I

1) I am finish with my elearning.

2)I was working on my multiplication.

3)I like to do reading.

1) we lost the america's cup today.

2)some times the race was cansled because of the rain. 

3)I was sad because when it was raining i went back home.

1)I have been playing with my friends.

2)we are going to do blog comments.

3)I like to read lots of books.

Australian Buddies

Here is Aliyah talking to her Australian buddy using Skype. 

America's Cup

We're leaning with you Team New Zealand! We have our fingers crossed. 

Alex's Cake

This is Alex's Birthday cake. We had a little party for him on Monday. 

Eating Cake

Here is a photo of Alex eating his birthday cake. It had lots of lollies on it. 

Alex's Birthday

Alex's chocolate cake was delicious. Miss Williamson made it. 

Alex's Birthday

I am cutting my birthday cake. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Faauiga P.M.I. of the week

1) Team New zealand won the race on Thursday

2) We learnt how to solve more maths problems.

3) Alex 's birthday is coming up and we are going to have a party.

1) It is wet outside and we can 't have practice for cross country.

2) We didn't do much writing this week.

3) They cancelled the 2nd  race for the America's Cup on Thursday .

1) In 1995 miss walters was 9 years old.

2) We are skyping with our Australian buddies today.

3) Wow Alex birthday coming up and we are having a party.

By Faauiga

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Problem Solving!

There are 2 chocolate bars to be shared evenly between 3 people. How much of the chocolate bars would each person get?

Do you know the answer? Leave us a comment explaining how you worked the problem out.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Machelle's Educreation

America Cup 2013

This morning we watched the 2013 America's Cup race on television. We were lucky because Miss Walters let us watch TV during class time. I got so excited when NZ was in the led.
By Noah and Hosea

America's Cup

                                                                           This morning Miss Walters was so kind because she let us watch the Americas Cup. When they were racing my finger's were crossed really tight especially when they were just at the finish line. I was very happy because NZ won. By Daniella and Aliyah


This morning room 11 was so lucky because Miss Walters let us watch  the  Americas Cup.I was so nervous because Oracle was so fast then I took a  deep breath and then NZ was in the lead . But when I saw the finish line I knew that NZ  Was going to win. By Mubashshir and David.


This morning we watched the Americas Cup on the television I was so nervous that NZ was going to lose.  But then NZ won. By Welsey and Bradley

America's cup

This morning we were lucky because we got to watch the 
America's cup. I crossed my fingers through the whole race. 
 At the end of the race  New zealand won by  17 seconds.By 

Angelo and DJ


This morning we were so lucky to be watching the America's cup on the television.Miss Walters was so nervous that she told every body in the classroom to cross our fingers and toes.Everyone was   nervous like Miss Walters.   
By Omari and TJ

America's Cup

This morning we watch the America cup we were so lucky!
When we past Oracle I got excited. our class got so happy when we won. I was crossing my fingers the whole time.
By Faauiga and Amethyst


On a Monday morning Room 11 was so lucky because Miss Walters let us watch the America's cup race. Everyone in our class crossed their fingers for NZ so they would win. When NZ was almost at the finish line, we crossed our fingers and we won! We were all happy because now we need 2 more races to win and then they will come to NZ and compete again. By Sulieti and Cameo

America's cup 2013

This morning we were so lucky because Miss Walters let us watch The America's Cup. We only need 2 more races to win the cup, if we win 2 more races the America's Cup becomes New Zealand's cup. So today NZ won one of the races. Love by Revival and Rosalina.

Watching Television in the classroom.

This morning we were so lucky! Miss Walters let us watch America's cup on the televsion. We were so nervous because we wanted New Zealand to win. I was so excited when New Zealand won. By Loseli and Inez

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Omari's week in Review

This week I learned what 9x7=63.It was sad when it was raining because that cancelled basketball and cricket.But the best day in the week was Thursday because at day time I got to improve on my running.

Cameo's week in review

This week was awesome. I learnt how to do lots of multiplication facts. It was fun and it wasn't fun because I learnt how to play cricket and it wasn't  fun because basketball
got cancelled. Next week I hope that reading and maths is even better than this week.

By Cameo

Machelle's week in review

On Monday it was my best day of all because my friend loseli and I were playing on
the park and we were having fun.

Mya's week in review

On Thursday my class and I went to the e learning centre.First I went on to my e learning  task to make my imovie. Finely I finished my awesome and really creative imovie.    

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DJ's week in review

This week was a really good week.I know how to do division by spliting them in groups. It was a little bit sad because basketball and cricket was cancelled. I look forward to next week so I can show my family what new things i've learnt.

Angelica's and Faauiga's week review

At cricket  I play game with the coach call steven and practice bowling which means throwing the ball and steven said we will practice bating on monday. I look forward to playing our game.
By Angelica and Faauiga

Revival's week in review

This week overall it was amazing. I learnt multiplication facts.I was a little bit sad because cricket and basketball was cancelled.I can't wait till next week for reading and maths.

By Revival.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Anahera's week review.

This week I am learning my multiplication in my 2x 5x and 10x table.Our multiplication is just like our pluses over and over. I like to do Multiplication because it helps me every day so I can move up in to diamonds.I am looking forward to maths and reading. By Anahera.

Faauiga 's week review

This week my group learnt how to do time table we love to learn more at math time.
it also fun learning math because there are numbers and games we can play when 
its math. I looking forward to be in the diamonds group.

By Faauiga

Inez's week in review

This week was the best week overall.On Monday i learnt about my 2 timetable's,10 timetables  and my 5 timetables. Next week i look forward to Reading and Mathematics. 

hosea's week in review

This week i have been learning how to do my  2X  5X  10X. 

Amethyst's week in review

On  Thursday my class and I was doing time  tables for our maths . First we worked with Miss Walters so she can help work it out.We finely we understood it so we went off and stared to learn by our self.    

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Birthday

It was my birthday today and we had chocolate cake. It was delicious. I am 9 years old.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My maths work

I enjoy maths. I like to practice my maths knowledge on Xtra Math and do worksheets. 
By Hosea

A new maths strategy

This is the strategy I have been doing this week. I have been learning to solve problems like 54 + ? = 66. To solve the problem I need to find the difference between the ones and tens which gives me the answer. 

Cross Country

On Thursday the sun was shinning so much.When it was the eight year old boys I was running as fast as I could and then i passed heaps of boys.But when I got to the finish line I came sixth place and then I took 2 drinks of water.

By omari

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Patriots

This is a photo of out netball team getting our awarded. out netball is called patriots we are focus on netball that why we are called patriots Love by Revival

Math Book

This is me with my maths book. I am learning how to solve problems using different strategies like splitting numbers. By Daniella 

The best cross country ever

Yesterday was the day of our school fun run.It went from the year ones to the year eights I was so scared at first but when I actually  ran it turned out to be so fun with the slimy mud between my toes that felt funny.When I was almost at the end Mr Barks swung  me to the other side of the corner that was really cool.That was the best cross country ever.

By Cameo

The best fun run

I like the fun run because it was so muddy and i fall down in the mud and miss walters  was cheering for the girls. By Angelica

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Today we had a shared lunch in the hall and there were lots of delicious food that when I was waiting I was licking my lips.At the end of the shared lunch we had a little prize giving.We all stand up and got our certificate. By Anahera.


Today the netball girls went to the hall to have a shared lunch with the coaches and managers. Then we had a small prize giving.

By Sulieti

Thank you coaches and managers

maui and the sun

many years ago there lived a man named Maui and his brothers. Then one day Maui was eating his lunch.  Then Maui was sick of eating his lunch in ''the days are to short  and the nights are long'' said maui
So Maui  went to see his 4 brothers and  told them about his problem . The brothers agreed but the brothers said it's possible to catch  the sun. but maui had an idea.Maui told to help him plat some flax as they were making  the ropes they sang a chant .

then Maui and his brothers were finished so set off. They only travelled at night so the would not see the each step that Maui took mud went in the middle of his toes Maui  and his brothers made it to the hole that the sun   sun came out of . then they built a big wall
with the dirt and hid behind the wall and waited till hot flaming sun came out once the sun came out maui jumped beat up then said" now" the brothers thew the ropes and court the sun until  the sun was  full of pain then the sun shouted  "are you crazy you almost killed me" the sun tried to run but it was to sore to go fast "lets the ropes go" said maui.

Retold by Angelo 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Faauiga's Educreation

I am adding by first making a tidy number first.

Shyla's Educreation

In this clip Shyla demonstrates a maths strategy. I am learning to add by splitting numbers into parts.

School Netball

This is a photo of our netball team getting our award. Our netball is called patriots, Patriots mean focus like focus on netball.I love netball it is my sport.When I grow up I am going to be the best player in the world I think. From Rosalina.

Look Out!

Audioboo by Shyla

Today it was shared lunch for all the netball girls. It was really fun because there was lots of pizza and lots of sweets and lots of fruit. It was cool for me because the cakes muffins and other stuff  tasted nice. By Aliyah 

Netball Prizegiving

These are all of the netball teams there are twelve teams!

I loved playing this year and everyone in my team has gotten better at every time we played.
By Cameo 

Post by Daniella

When I went to get my certificate I felt happy. I got it for working hard. When you get a Duffy certificate you also go to choose a book. 

Hi my name is Amethyst!

Hi I am enjoying school. It is lots of fun at school because there is so much to do at school. We always have to be at the right time and the right place and be nice to the little kids when they just start school.

By Amethyst


Today year 4 and year 3 girls were outside playing football we met some coaches when we got there.We got in to teams and I was in the wonder girls we had to play
against our own team then the green team play against the other team well the 
red play against the other green team.It was fun and really cool because we met
Analie she was the woman that play football for new zealand.

By Faauiga

Back at School

This week I came to school on Monday 2  September. But for the past 2 months I have been sick at home which wasn't cool. Now that I'm at school I feel much more happy.

By Inez 


This week all of the netball girls went to the hall to have share lunch.there was lots of cup cakes and food because they were made from the parents. it was so much fun.
from loseli

Angleo's Reading Goal

This week Whero set there reading goal to 10 -10 1/2. We are aiming to get there by the end of this year.

Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man called Maui and his brothers.When Maui waked up in the morning he was angry because they didn't have enough time to go fishing hunt or eat.
So one day Maui had a plan.So then Maui and his brothers went to get some flax to
tie it with the rope.When they were making a rope they started to do the karakia.In the midllde of the night maui and the brothers went to the villige where the sun sleeps
''Lets sneak inside the hole'' said Maui.
Maui and the brothers went and sneak inside the hole.''separate  the ropes'' said Maui.Maui said '' don't let go'' said maui.
aftter that Maui and his brothers to let go off the the morning the sun went slow.

Retold By Loseli 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Loseli's Post

Yesterday at thursday the year 4 netball girls went to the netball center to play for our last game our team is called panthers.we were geting ready for our game. I get to be wing was so fun there.

cross country

yesrday it was cross country I was in Te Arawa it was so mud and i got mudding i came 21 cross country is fun. from Bradley

Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man called Maui and his brothers.Maui was thinking "that the Sun was too fast so we couldn't eat our food,hunt and fish" so he told his brothers that "we are going to slow the Sun down"The brothers said "we can't slow the Sun down" but Maui said "I have got a plan".

Maui and the brothers went to the hole of where the Sun lived,but first they made tight ropes with the flax to catch the Sun.After they finished making the ropes they headed off to slow the Sun down.when they got there the brothers were about to throw the ropes but Maui said "I will tell you went to throw the ropes",so they all waited until Maui said go.

When the sun rises up Maui said "go" so the brothers threw their ropes on the sun.The sun said "what are you guys doing can't you see i'm almost dead".Maui said "let go of the ropes my brothers" the brothers let go and the sun moved slowly so Maui and his brothers had time to hunt,fish and eat.

Retold by Omari 

Maui and the sun

In a land far away  there lived a boy called day Maui said that sun goes  too  fast.  Maui had a plan  Maui went to get his brother's. He said we need to make that Sun go  solly.We can't do that said his brother's.Yes we can said Maui. we can make flax ropes.They made
all kinds of flax ropes like Triangles, circles and squares.They went out
at night because the sun wouldn't see them.finally he got there Maui said
to his brother's go and get some clay his brother's went to get the clay.
They  came back with hopes of clay they made wall's around them because the sun wouldn't see them.The brother's hid behind the wall
maui said when i say go jump out and grab the ropes. The sun went up
Maui said go his brother's jumped out .maui beat the sun with all his
mitey the sun said stop it you're killing me can't you see i'm nelly dead
maui said let it  go he's going to go slow shyla                   

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DJ's Maths Post

I'm in a group could the diamonds.We have to be at the start of stage 6 by the end of this year.

Machelle's Post

Hi Room 11 here's a photo of the panthers and me. We play netball on Thursday. I was shivering, cold and was raining But it was fun.

By Machelle

go Tainui

On Thursday all the class was doing a fun run. It went from year 1 all the way to year 8. It was so muddy. I got all muddy, hot and tired. My friend Rosalina came first.
From Machelle

Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man named Maui.Maui was upset that the sun was going to fast in fact the sun just got up and raced across the blue sky then went back down.One day Maui gathered his four brothers and told them about the sun.His brothers laughed we can't slow down the sun  it's impossible
not for long said Maui. The brothers still did not  agree but they still helped him but what if we
get burnt by the sun said the brothers we will pray and and mack strong ropes so that the ropes wouldn't burn too.later on the brothers set off at night so the sun would not see them coming.

The brothers and Maui  finally  got  to the hole where the sun rises.Maui said brothers help me build  a wall out of earth and once you have done that  get the flax rope and make sure it is ready for you to grab the sun.first the flaming heir went up then it came the big  eyes NOW Maui schemed  to the four brothers.all of the brothers grabbed the strong  ropes and pulled the big sun.
The big flaming sun said stop stop!!! can't you see that i'm almost  Dead! the brothers loosened the ropes on a count of three the four brother let go and from now on the sun just flows  by every day still wondering why Maui tried to kill him.

hay what should i do

But now if you look close enough at the sun you can see the flax rops on the big flaming sun.The End

But now if you look close enough  at the sun you can still see the  flax rops on the big flaming sun.The End
Retold by Mya


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It was a boys only in the class room because the girls had to go out to play soccer.
we did all sorts of challenges  I only won one of 7. The first challenge we had to balance counters  on stick I got 12 and came second  and lost by one.
By Angelo

Sulieti's Post

On  Thursday we went to the auckland netball court to play netball It was so  so  cold .  Mrs Jarman and Miss Walters toke us there  it was raining but it was so fun to play in the rain with the another team.

By Sulieti

Thank you Miss Walters and Mrs Jarman for everything

Maui and the sun

Maui and the sun .
Many year ago there was a man called Maui one day Maui thinked  of a plan to make the sun go slow  so he called his brother they were making flax of ropes but Maui brothers was not happy but they still  helped. At last the ropes were ready and they set off  to the sun rose.  could go slow so the sun came in the big hole ''Maui said Now my brothers'' Maui  brothers threw the ropes over the sun ''Maui said hold on tight'' the sun said can't you see i'm nearly dead i'm not trying to kill you said Maui i'm just try to make you go slow so he did and Maui said let him go so they did.

Retold By Sulieti



Monday, September 2, 2013

football by loseli

This Monday all of the years 3 and 4 went to play socer. My group was dimonds.
we were so excited because this famous women came to our school and her name
was Analie longo.

Foot ball

Today just the girls had football. By Sulieti

The challenge

The challenge I liked the best was the marshmallow, counter and the straw one.When the boys were doing the straw challenge it looked like me and DJ were a tie.
By Omari

Boys time

This morning it was boys only time  from 9.30 to 1pm.We had challenges.One of our
challenge was how many  marshmallows can you fit in your mouth.I managed to get 8 big marshmallows in my mouth.There was salvia coming out of my mouth.

In this photo we were blowing Malteasers across the classroom using straws. 

Here we are having a race to finish the puzzle. 

We were moving Smarties from one piece of paper to the other using a straw. 

In this challenge we had to get the biscuit from our forehead to our mouth!

Our first challenge was to balance counters on a popsicle stick in our mouths.

Revival's Maths Post

This week we are learning to add and subtract problems like splitting .I like math because math is my best subject. math is fun because math help you learn more about it. love by Revival.

Fun run.

Yesterday it was our school fun run and we had to and I was in blue and

run in the slimy and slippery mud .The 9 year had to run 1.5 km

and out and in to the Pt England  Reserve 1 time.I came 6 in the school fun run.  By Anahera.

maui and the sun

Along time ago there lived a man called Maui and his 4 brother.Maui called his 4 brothers  'we' 'are' getting some flax rope  too slower the sun down said Maui.The 4 brothers was angry because they felt that they were  going to die.But his 4 brother help Maui to do the flax rope.When they were dear they  Maui said make a wall so  the sun will not see us + do not let go of the rope s said Maui where the sun come up hid behind the wall do not troop the rope when I tell you so.the sun come up fast as Maui said now the flax rope went around his big boodle Maui said it again do not let go sun said Maui the said too Maui let go let go doesn't you see I'm needed dead let him go Maui now we hunt ate and ate our food

From Tevita 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Faauiga's Audioboo

listen to ‘Faauiga ’ on Audioboo

Listen to Faaugia reading the book In the Beginning. 

Maui and the sun

                     Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man name Maui. The people in his village was so mad because they had not have enough time to eat, hunt or fish Maui said "That sun is going to fast." He called out his brothers and his brothers came out in the dark "we need to slow the sun" said Maui "That is impossible" said his brothers "no it is not only can make strong flax ropes then we can do it" said maui. As the brothers were making the fireproof flax ropes Maui went to go and get his grandfathers bone he cured and sharpen it once they were finish the ropes they set off to the suns bed hole.

As they were walking towards the suns hole they made a wall of clay so the sun won't see him Maui said "throw the flax ropes when I say ok" "yes" said his brothers. The ground was shaking then the sun rose "now" said Maui the brothers throw the flax ropes onto the suns flames maui beat up the poor sun the sun shouted "stop do you know that I am nearly dead"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maui said let him go. The sun went by slowly. So that was my version of Maui and the sun.

Retold by Rosalina.

In the beggining

Along time ago their lived six brothers and there mum and father.The six brothers were called Tu was guardian war and man ,Tane was guardian of the forest  ,Tawhirimatea was the guardian of the wind and storms,Rongo was the of  peace and agriculture,Tangaroa was the guardian sea and ,Haumia was the guardian of spirits and uncultivatead food.The father was called Ranginui the god of sky and the mother was the called papatuanuku the god of the forest.

By Omari and Tj