Friday, March 13, 2009

The Letter 'G'

Each week the Tuis Literacy group have a letter of the week.
We think of as many words as we can beginning with that letter, then we write a story about one of those words.
This week our letter was "G".
Can you think of an other words that begin with the leter"G"


  1. Wow Tuis! I am so pleased to see your first blog post.
    I really like your kidpix pictures and your sentences.
    I love the letter "G" because it is the begining of my last name.
    Miss Garden

  2. I liked your pictures! Did you know girl also starts with a 'G'.

  3. That was a great movie! Your pictures matched your sentences.

  4. I liked your stories and your pictures Tui's. It really looked cool and amazing.

  5. I liked your movie of the letter 'G'. Great also starts with the letter 'G' and you did GREAT work! Keep working hard!

  6. Awesome work Tuis! Did you know that gold also starts with the letter 'G'.

  7. Well done Tuis! Your movie was fantastic and you have a great way to show the different things that start with the letter 'G'.

  8. Wow you have a graet movie tuis.What is your letter now?I know a letter that start with G game's.

  9. wow tuis that was so cool do you know any other
    words that start with G. by alexandria

  10. Wow Tuis,your movie is incredibly cool. Any way, do you know any more words that start with"G"? I do and its in room 13 and its a goldfish.


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