Monday, April 6, 2009


The Fantails group have been learning about goldfish.
Since they knew so much information, Miss Walters decided to get a class pet and guess what they their new pet is! A goldfish called Nemo.

Do you know how to look after goldfish?


  1. What a great movie Fantails! You know so much information about goldfish. I know that when you have a pet it is very important to look after them. Who came up with the name Nemo?

  2. Hi Fantails
    This is one of my favourite movies ever! I really like the way you have told us some stories, shown us cool animations and mixed it up with music and those awesome bubble sound FX.
    I wish I was good at looking after goldfish, but I am not. I won't tell you what has happened to goldfish I have had in the past. Maybe I should just pop in and enjoy looking at Nemo from time to time.
    I will be back to see more :)
    Mrs Burt

  3. kia ora Rising Stars, your blog page is very impressive. I really enjoyed watching your video on Goldfish. I was so impressed that i have decided to share this blog page with my class at Titirangi Primary. We are based out in Waitakere City.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    Tu meke.
    Ms Withers, Room 8 Titirangi Primary

  4. Wow you guys you really put alot of effort into making that movie well done I hope we get to see some more movies created

  5. hi fantails
    i like how you told me everything about goldfish.
    by makalita .


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