Friday, November 13, 2009

Vivienne's Recount

Here was the best recount written about Breakfast in Room 13.
Vivienne called it; Milo Rices Breakfast

How exciting! I knew what we were writing about, but when I saw the milo I had to think again. My friend said "What are we writing about?" I said to my friend "lets figure it out together".

This morning at 9am we had writing with Miss Walters. Miss Walters always thinks of crazy things to write about. She explained to us what silly thing we would be doing today. It was really silly and crazy.

First Miss Walters told us what she did in the weekend. She was thinking hard. Miss Walters said "I was sitting on my bed thinking, what are we going to write about on Tuesday? It could be anything but we should write about breakfast, but not a normal breakfast. A crazy breakfast like Rices with Milo".

Next she said she would be our waitress. She gave all of us a bowl and some milo and milk to sitr together in our bowl. Then the Rices came. When everyone was finished she explained to all of us that we had to smell it, listen to it and the best bit was tasting it.
We finally got to eat it all. When I took my first bite it tasted scrumptious. It sounded like popcorn popping, like pop! pop! pop!

After that we had to wash up. First we rinsed our bowls and then washed it in the washing bucket which was also known as the vomit bucket last week.

Later we started to write about what happened to us. It was really cool. I asked my friend "What other crazy ideas does she have next?"

I felt surprised about what we were going to be writing about. I also felt sorry for the people who didn't have any breakfast but they were happy because they had a delcious breakfast today.


  1. Wow, I never knew breaksfast could be so exciting! Sounds like you had a wonderful morning. Excellent recount Vivienne it made me want to join in with your crazy, popping breakfast!
    Miss Fox

  2. Malo Vivienne,
    Your recount was fantastic. I liked that you used really interesting words and made good use of speech marks and question marks too. You are so clever Vivienne and I am very proud of you. Well done and keep it up!

    Miss Lavakula


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