Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making Milo

This morning we made milo. I washed 
my hands before I made a milo. I got a 
cup and a teaspoon. I mixed the milo,
milk and hot water. It tasted like chocolate!

Today we went to the staff room to
 milo. We needed the milk and the 
milo. I mixed my milo. It was delicious! 

Today we went in to the staff room
to make milo. First we washed our hands
in the sickbay. Then we got a cup and the milo 
an milk and hot water. It was yummy! 


  1. Well done Damien, Alex and Michael on making milos. You are experts at making them. We hope that we can make milos soon too.

    Your writing is fantastic we liked the way your ideas were in order. Keep up the great work.

    From Room 10

  2. You know how many teaspoons of milo I put in my cup...i won't say i might get in trouble hehe but it taste so yummy in my tummy!

    from Khaias mummy Room 6

  3. Now I know where to come, when I need a hot, delicious, chocolate drink. Yum!!


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