Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We have been learning about different volcanoes around Auckland. Our first report was about Rangitoto, so watch our movie to see if you have learnt any new information!

Have you been to Rangitoto before? We would love to hear what it is like to walk all the way up to the top.


  1. Yes, I have been to Rangitoto Island and I climbed up to the top when I was there! It is a beautiful volacno.

    Mrs She.

  2. To get to rangitoto you need to catch a ferry to get to the island, then you need to take a risk and then climb.but when you get to the top it is very scary!!!!}:(

  3. Hi Its Tori-Grace here from Summerland Primary room 22...No I have not climbed it but My brother and my mum have...they say its really tiring but in the end they got there..I really want to try to climb it but then again I don't!! I never new it was a volcano I thought it was just a mountain..that is very awesome infomation there thank you Your school ROCKS!

    From Tori-Grace :) :P

    Summerland Primary rm22

  4. Hi Room13,
    I liked your guys movie about Rangitoto.I wonder
    if yous could come and teach me how to draw a volcano?
    From Sela

  5. Hi Room 13, What an interesting post. I learnt a lot from watching it. I have been to the top of Rangitoto a few times. I love the ferry ride there. I have walked to the top in the middle of summer and it was very hot walking up. When you get to the top you get such an amazing view, so it is definiteley worth it.
    I really enjoyed seeing the fantastic beautiful paintings you did too.

  6. We really enjoyed watching your movie. It was awesome!
    Room 11 :)


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