Thursday, June 13, 2013

Days of the week

By DJ and Phaezon


  1. Kia ora D.j and phaezon i was coming across your blog and i think that is a very great blog i really like it because it CAN help us with our maori days... keep up the great work!.

  2. Helo DJ and Phaezon Those days in Maori were so interesting now I know them Rahina,Ratu,Raapa,Rapare,Ramere,Rahoroi and Ratapu.

  3. kia ora Noah and Angelo I really like the way you learn how to say the days of the week in Maori you should ask your to learn the moths to so you can say the date of the day and moth can not wait to see your next post.

  4. Kia Ora DJ and Phaezon

    Ka Pai on your work. Hows Te Reo in your class ? In our class we speak maori, say our karakia, sing himenes but most importantly learn pronoucation. But I really enjoyed presentation. It looks like how I would do my presentation

    From Henry

  5. Kia ora room 11,
    I was scrolling down and then I saw Dj and Phaezon movie about days of the week. I like like how you made your movie.

  6. hi I like that slid it was good but you should ask your teacher if you can learn the moths to so if some one ask you what is the date you can say it to that person. Sonny

  7. Hi DJ

    I really liked your slide about the days in Maori and thanks to you I know the days in Maori now, I hope you could teach me the months as well.

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    1. Hi Dj & Phaezon,

      I really like your Maori & English presentation about the days of the week I really like that there were no mistakes in your presentation. but Any way keep up the great and awesome work.
      From Nathanial

  9. Hi Dj I when I was looking around room 11 blog post I saw your post. About day of the week.I like really like post.

  10. Kia ora DJ and Phaezon,
    It is very nice to hear that you guys are learning the days of the week in Maori. I would like to hear and see more posts from your class and also from yourself.

  11. Kia Ora DJ & Phaezon

    I really liked your presentation of the Days of the week in Maori. It really helped me to understand the days of the week, I didn't know what the names where. But know I know!



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