Friday, September 4, 2009

The Evil Queen

Once upon a time, there lived an evil queen called Osana and her kind husband. They lived in a haunted castle. The evil queen and her kind husband had a baby princess named Emma.

The years went pass and the baby grew. Emma had a beautiful voice. The evil queen had a plan to get rid of Emma.

So one day she told Emma to go for a walk into the forest. Suddenly Emma heard and saw enchanted trees talking to each other, the princess was so frightened she screamed at the top of her lungs. The evil queen heard Emma screaming and got really angry because she realised Emma hadn’t disappeared like she had hoped. The evil queen shouted for her dragon to come immediately. When the dragon came she said, “I heard a voice from the dark forest, I want you to go and make sure Emma never comes back!” The evil queen laughed at her wicked plan. So the evil queen ran upstairs and made a smelly potion in a big, hot pot. After she made her potion she took a little spoon and took a sip “just right to put Emma to sleep forever” she screeched. Emma’s friend Alice, a bluebird saw the evil queen turning into a witch! She flapped her wings and freaked out. She was going to tell Emma but it was to late because the dragon had already found out where Emma was staying. Emma was trapped in a cottage with a smelly troll who kept her in a dungeon, which was always locked. Emma could only come out when it was time for her to prepare the trolls meals. The dragon flew back to inform the evil queen. “What great news” said the evil queen as she laughed to herself, now knowing that she didn’t have to bother with Emma again! One day a handsome prince was riding through the forest when he quite hungry because it was nearly lunchtime. He saw the cottage and decided to stop to see if he could grab something to eat. When the prince knocked on the door he was greeted by Emma, “can I help you sir?” said Emma. The prince was amazed at her natural beauty and said, “I am quite hungry, could I please have something to eat?” Suddenly the troll was not so angry that Emma was talking to the prince he ordered her to shut the door, so she did. The next day the prince could not stop thinking about the girl he saw. That night the prince ordered his knights to go and rescue the girl who was in a cottage in the middle of the forest.

Emma was rescued and married the prince a week later. They soon had their own baby who they loved dearly.

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