Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Girl Named Isabella

Once upon a time their lived a girl named Isabella. It was such a nice day she decided that she would go for a walk in the enchanted forest. When she was walking she was wondering what was in the tower she could see afar. She went over there to take a closer look at the tower.

Suddenly, scary, old women told her that there was a wicked old queen in the tower. She had a mole on her nose and she had long hair but it was white, like an old ladies hair.  The wicked queen saw Isabella and said, “Hey girl, what are you doing here?” Isabella replied “nothing” and so the old wicked queen dragged her into the tower.

 Isabella started to cry. The wicked queen told her “you can be my prisoner!” then she laughed like a troll. She walked out and slammed the door behind her, which made Isabella fall onto the hard ground. The wicked old queen walked down the windy wooden stairs still laughing like a troll.

One day a prince came past the tower and heard a lullaby coming from the tower but he kept on going past. When Isabella was singing she saw 7 little dwarfs out her window. Isabella yelled, “Help me, help me!” The 7 little dwarfs looked at each other and said, “Who is that yelling at us?” “Its me, I’m up here”. Then the dwarfs looked up and said, “how did you get up there?” Isabella replied “the wicked queen came and dragged me up here and there’s no way out”.

The next morning the 7 dwarfs went to the prince’s castel and told him what had happened. He came with his knights and he had a white cute horse called Farty. When he was at the tower, he yelled out “Isabella, where are you?” she looked outside and saw his handsome face, “Oh help me please help me get down from here” Isabella cried. He got a rope and threw it up and she came down.

When the got back to the castle they got married and had 2 babies. And they lived happily ever after and no one heard from the wicked queen ever again.

By Nova and Mary 

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  1. I have watched you two working together at writing time and know you make a great team. I really like the clever vocab you have used, and that you are using speech.
    Great story.
    Miss Garden


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