Tuesday, October 20, 2009

blind Food Tasting

We had to use our noses and tastebuds to try and guess what food we were eating because we had blindfolds on. Below are some of our best sentences.

I was so scared to taste the food. I asked myself what are we going to taste?

Then I saw the vomit bucket on the table. I felt nervous.


I saw a sign that said ‘Blind Taste Testing’. I was wondered what it meant.

It was our first time having a blind taste test it was a great experience.

We waited patiently for the food. I was getting ready for some tasting.

Then I ate the second food sample and I said “It’s YUCK!” Dillon

I tasted the first one it kind of made me sick and I almost vomited, it tasted sour.
Heather I felt great and so did my tastebuds, they really had an adventure! Vivienne


  1. Hi everyone!

    What fun! I like how you expressed your feelings about what you were doing, and I especially like how you included the questions that you were asking yourself during this experience.

  2. Fakaalofa lahi Atu Room 13,
    You are definitely stars at writing. I liked the way you described the blind food tasting experience. It was great to see you using interesting words and question marks too. Well done, keep it up.

    Miss Lavakula


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