Friday, October 16, 2009

Immersion Assembly

Our Immersion Assembly Recount is all done ready for you to read. We each wrote a different part and then put it together to make 1 recount.

On Monday the 12th of October, we came back to school for term 4. When the bell rang we lined up outside and walked to the hall in single file.

Then we could smell a familiar summer smell, it was a BBQ full of sausages! We also heard the song ‘Celebration’ playing and we started to sing along. Mr Burt and his BBQ boys were cooking the sausages and chicken wings for those who sat up nicely. Mr Burt also talked about our topic for this term, it was called ‘Let’s Celebrate! Food Glorious Food!’

We waited for some action to happen. Team one were up first, they pretended that they were from The Rock Café. Each of them were all wearing matching outfits and aprons. Next was Mrs She who showed us her Chinese dress and Ms Glaze showed us her cool chef pants. They could undo really fast in case they caught on fire. Then Team 3 came up, they were dressed as Mexicans and Miss Walters was holding a piñata, it looked like heaps of fun! Miss Walters and Miss MacKinlay were hitting the piñata so hard that it broke and lollies spilled out everywhere. The last team to come up was team 4. They wore outfits from around the world and talked about food from that country.

At the end we headed off to class, that was such an exciting way to start off the term. We can’t wait to learn about all the different kinds of celebrations.

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  1. Hello Rising Stars

    I really enjoyed reading your work.I liked the way you described what each team did and what they wear wearing. It is going to be another fun term of learning and cooking I hope. Room 3 kids love to cook. Look forward to reading more of your wonderful work.

    Mrs Lal


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