Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our PENN Movie #2


  1. Great self portraits guys, I must admit when I was walking past your class the other day I did admire your great sketching skills.
    Thanks for sharing your learning with us.

    Miss G :-)

  2. Hi there everyone!
    We're four university students studying to become primary school teachers in Christchurch. We really enjoyed your video and think that your self portraits looked amazing!
    Great job room 11!! Keep the good work up :)
    From Maria, Rebecca, Kelly and Miriam

  3. Great movie Room 11. I liked your trip around the world looking at famous artists. Frida Kahlo from Mexico is one of my favourite painters.
    All the presenters in Room 11 - you did a really good job. I love looking at your self portraits in the corridor and I love watching people stoppping to look at them too.

  4. Wow room 11 I like how you people did the movie. The whole class spoke clearly. Miss Wotaese you have an awesome class! Well done!


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