Friday, April 1, 2011

Taste Testing


Guess what! For our writing experience this week we all became taste testers. Miss Walters had organised some food for us.


Have you ever been a taste tester before? Well I have. This week on Monday Miss Walters told us we were going to become taste testers.


I was surprised when Miss Walters brought out the first plate. We had to smell the food then taste ti. I thought it was Maple Syrup and I was correct. It was delicious when I finally got to sample a taste of the food.


Our second plate had a blob of vegemite on it. I thought it smelt like coco and when I tasted it, it was yuck. My group guessed right because we had some good taste testers.


The last sample of the day was mild salsa. When I saw it, smelt it and lastly tasted it I thought it was chilli sauce. Out group was wrong but so was everyone else.


I really enjoyed the experience because I love tasting new food. The worst part was when I tasted the vegemite. I hope Miss Walters thinks of another experience soon.


  1. Hi Room 11, I liked your movie because the song was cool and you add detail to it.from Enyahlee

  2. Hi Room 11,
    You do sure have great taste buds. Awesome writing keep up the great work. Maybe Jordan at home you could try teach me how I can have great taste buds.



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