Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Once upon a time, there were knights fighting year after year to stop the fire-breathing dragon. The dragon was dark red with bony wings and a strong body with a long and sharp tail. He lived in a haunted castle that was deep in the forest.

Inside the castle there was a baby and a chest full of silver and gold inside it. The knights were risking their lives to fight the dragon because they wanted that chest for themselves.

The knights never gave up fighting the dragon even though they kept losing. But one day someone defeated the dragon! The knight was dripping with blood but managed to crawl inside the castle. He came across the baby who was now a strong monster and destroyed the whole kingdom including the knight who killed the dragon.

A king from another kingdom heard what had happened and sent his knights to fight the monster. Knights went charging towards the monster on their horses and spears went flying. In the end the knights lost the battle and gave up. The monster built his own castle with a high fence so he would never be attacked again.

By Potaua
Room 13

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