Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mythical Creatures

The Moreporks group have been practicing to write simple and complex sentences. 
Here is what they came up with about the picture and vocabulary above.

What is a unicorn?
A unicorn is a mythical creature. Unicorns have pure white bodies and golden haired tails, like a horse. What makes them so special is that they have a spiral horn on the top of their head, often golden in colour. They live in enchanted forests. If you find one they will be your companion for life.

Heather's gem sentence - The princess and the unicorn are companions for life.

Vivienne's gem sentence - The rays of sunshine shone upon the unicorn and her companion.

Mary's gem sentence - The enchanted forest was filled with wild trees and friendly animals.

Osana's gem sentence - The castle in the distant background on the other side of the mountain was a castle, filled with royal people. 

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