Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Princess who was trapped in the Tower

Heather and Mary wrote this story. They got their ideas out of fairytales they had heard or read to create their own version of a fairytale.

The Princess who was trapped in the Tower
By Heather and Mary

Long, long ago their lived a kind king and queen who had a baby girl. They called their princess Bella because she was born with beautiful long, golden hair.

One day there was a wicked witch who stole princess Bella and looked after her for 15 years. Then when she was older the witch locked her in a high tower with no stairs, it only had a tiny window.

A few years later Bella’s hair grew longer and longer each day. There was a prince called Jack and one day he heard a beautiful voice coming from a tall tower. Prince Jack decided to follow the voice and he discovered it was princess trapped in a tower.
The evil witch came and prince Jack quickly hid behind the ancient talking tree, prince Jack heard the witch shout, “Bella let down your long golden hair”. When the prince heard the princesses name prince Jack knew that it was Bella’s voice he had heard.
Then when the witch went away the prince called for his knights.
The wicked witch came out of the forest when she heard all the commotion. She saw the prince with his knights under the tower looking at Bella’s long, golden hair.
Suddenly a beautiful unicorn came and stabbed the witch with its pointy horn. Next princess Bella cried with joy for the unicorn to catch her as she jumped out of the window. As the unicorn landed on the forest floor, princess Bella and the prince gazed into each other’s eyes.

Jack asked princess Bella to marry him and of course she said yes! The prince lifted her up onto his horse and lived happily ever after in their kingdom. The end.

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