Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sentences from our Trip to Maungakiekie

We watched two animations about what to do when a volcano erupts.
By Jeryco

Mrs Jarman asked us to go to the education classroom were we watched movies about volcanoes. Some were scary.
By Ane
First we travelled by bus. When we were on the bus we were singing. Then we were there!
By Texas

When we got there we got to play around. Kids were rolling, all I did was run around.
By Mateo

We started to walk up the hill, it was a long walk!
By Vanessa

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  1. It is great how Miss Walters encourages your class to express yourselves. It sounds like your class had a lot of fun and exercise. You must have learned some interesting facts about volcanoes. Isn't amazing how volcanoes have shaped our world? Did your class also learn about the history of One Tree Hill?

    Let me introduce myself to your class. My name is Melissa Jones and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am enrolled in a class called EDM 310 and have been assigned to read this post. I will be posting my comment on my blog page.Thanks for sharing your class experiences on the web. I am an elementary education major and is always helpful to see what other schools are doing. My ten year old daughter also had a chance to look at some of the posts also and thinks it is neat what the students are doing. Keep up the good work!


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