Friday, June 25, 2010

For writing we have been learning to write information reports. This has worked in well with our Active Earth topic. All our information reports have been about volcanoes in the Auckland Volcanic Field.

Mount Wellington

General Statement
Mount Wellington is our local mountain. This means that it is the closest mountain to us. We have a dormant volcano that won't erupt anytime soon.

Mount Wellington is the youngest volcano onshore. This volcano was formed by an eruption about 9000 years ago. The mountain is 135 metres high and you can get up to the top by walking.

You can see Mount Wellington in the Auckland volcanic field. There are lots of suburb surrounding Mount Wellington like Panmure and Glen Innes. Mount Wellington is 10 kilometres southeast from Auckland City.

Maungarei is moari for Mount Wellington and translated as the watchful mountain. Moari used this area as a village so if their enemy is coming they can get ready to fight. Mount Wellington is unlikely to erupt again.

By Othaniel

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