Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Trip to Maungakiekie

Even more sentence extracts from our writing samples about One Tree Hill.

Once we got to there we could see other volcanoes and it was like we could see the whole of Auckland. I tried to see my house and so were my friends.
By Quziyah

I felt so tired that i laid under a tree. When we went to go back to school some people were sleeping on the bus like me.
By Brodie-Jack

Next we started to hike up the mountain, my legs got sore but I made it to the top of One Tree Hill.
By Serena

Do you know what we did? Let me tell you, team 3 went to Maungakiekie to learn about volcanoes.


  1. Hi Quziyah, Brodie-Jack and Serena,
    We liked the sentences you wrote about going to One Tree Hill. Room 14 2011 really liked writing their names with the rocks, sliding and running down into the crater, climbing up to the summit and taking photos.
    Perhaps next time you could remember to proof read your writing before you publish.
    Good job. Keep it up.
    Room 14 2011.

  2. Nice rhiming Brodie Jack keep it up.Next time can you proof read better.


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