Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet Japati

My name is Japati, I am a year 4 in Room 11 at Pt. England School. My teacher is Miss Walters and I think she is cool. For 2011, my learning goal is to improve a lot with reading. To do this I am going to read everyday.


  1. Hi Japati, It was nice to meet you this afternoon. Thank you for being so helpful. I love to read. I like your goal of reading everyday. I try to read everyday myself.

  2. Hi Japati your hair looks cool. You have a lovely red
    T-shirt. You are realy kind to me. We should play
    with our friends together.

    From Gloria

  3. HI Japati I like How You Make Your Blog ITs So cool. i hope you read alot Eveyday Like you said and prove it. From Your friend Jonson.

  4. Hi Japati I like that your reading I enjoy reading too. Keeping working hard at reading everyday from zion f

  5. Hi Japati, that explains all the reading you been doing. Great Work, keep it up. Love you Mum XX

  6. Hi

    japati it your frind vaifoa
    I liked your photoe.


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