Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Korobeau

My name is Korobeau and I am a year 4 in Room 11 at Pt. England School. My teacher is called Miss Walters and I think she is fun. For 2011 my learning goal is to improve at writing. To do this I am going to practice writing clear sentences. I am really looking forward to Baseball this term.


  1. Hi Korobeau. You have a beautiful smile. You are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. I hope you work hard this year and achieve your goal. Listen to Miss Walters. She knows heaps.
    Baseball is fun. Enjoy it.

  2. Hi Korobeau
    it was awesome what you said about baseball.

    By Alarzae.

  3. Hi Korobeau you have cool writing.

    From Jordan

  4. Hi korobeau this is your friend japati.I like your bolg it's cool.FROM YOUR FRIEND JAPATI.


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