Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet Jordan

My name is Jordan and I am a year 4 in Room 11. My teacher is called Miss Walters and I think she is cool and fun. For 2011 my learning goal is to improve at reading, to do this i'm going to read at school and home. I am really looking forward to athletics this year.


  1. Hi Jordan. I enjoyed reading your post. I think Miss Walters is fun and cool too. You have some good goals. I love to read and the more I read the more I like it.
    When I visited your class on Monday I saw you working hard at reading time. Well done.

  2. Hi jordan I think you have a cool blog keep up the good work by Kevine.

  3. Hi Jordan it's Kefu and Calvin. Your blog is
    very awesome we like when you are at School to
    play with us.

  4. Hi Jordan your blog is awsome and your goal is
    magnificent because it is like my goal
    keep up the very good work


  5. Hi Jordan.
    I really like your paragraph about you and what you want to achieve. Now that I know that you want to get better at reading I can help you all the time. I think Miss Walters is cool and fun too. Anyway I can't wait until you posed another post on your blog.



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