Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aaron's Amazing Work

Title:                   The Art Gallery 
Guess what Room 11 did on Tuesday?
Well , we travelled in a bus to the Art Gallery that was in Auckland and it took a while to get there.We where at the Art Gallery because our topic was Art Alive.
The lady was saying to look carefully at the pictures and think what it looks like,whats happening. 
                            Event 1
First we had a tour of the place when we got inside.I was looking closely to the Art piece that was called golden clouds.My class could see a lot of suff even.I could see a lot of amazing sculptures,painting and lots of other things. 
                           Event 2
Second we did was going into the learning center.All of us were amazed when we saw this     
beautiful art piece. Our tour lady told us about the art piece and told us we can do any thing in the learning center.
                          Event 3
Third thing we did was to play on Albert park. A lot of people were climbing tree’s.I’m not good at climbing tree’s.
I felt happy and excited. In the holidays I will be going to the Art Gallery.This time I will be thinking a lot and looking a lot.  


  1. This is really amazing Aaron. I can see that you are working hard on paragraphing your stories. Super job on the recount.
    I love your animation too. The way that you have replicated each piece of famous art is very clever and detailed. You must have an amazing teacher!
    I also enjoyed your voice over. It was clear and easy to listen to.
    Well done Aaron, you can be proud of what you have created this term.
    Miss King

  2. Excellent effort ,love to see how you layout your paragraphs I liked your conclusion,it is for sure that you and me will go there again and you will have plenty of time .continue writing you have knowledgeable teacher.I AM ALWAYS PROUD of you.
    your father


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