Friday, July 27, 2012

Maroroa's Mondrian Art

Maroroa created his Mondrian piece on HyperStudio. 

What 4 sided shapes can you see in this piece?


  1. hi maroroa
    you have made the love inspernaitional beatiful
    artwork i have ever seen in my life.
    hope you have nice appartment and bee
    a artist.3
    from adriel

  2. Hi Maroroa.What an awesome picture you have there.I like your colours alot,they are so beatiful.Keep up the good work there.

  3. Hi Maroroa
    WoW Maroroa you did a Good work on Hyperstudio. I like the way you usd lot's of deail's in your awesome picture. I will see you on your next's post.

  4. kia Orana Maroroa
    you Have did a Good Work of the should be prond of your pictra. keep up the Good Work and I'll see you on your next post.


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