Saturday, July 28, 2012

Melaia Visits the Art Gallery

What piece of art is Melaia looking art?

(Hint: the answer is listed in the labels)


  1. hi melaia you have
    done such an a amazing
    i hope you will become a true artist

    from adriel

  2. Hi Melaia.Wow your kindinsky circles looks so bueatiful and your such an artist.Keep up the good work.

  3. kia orana melaia
    I like the way you usd lot's of deail's in your graphics. I like your stony becuse it;s cool. keep up the Good work.

  4. Hi melaia
    I like the way you usd lot's of Good graphics in your amazing picture. you look like a artist to dronw a Good picture. you should be prond of your Work. keep up the Good Work.

  5. hi melaia

    WoW what coo picture of you visiting the art galaryi wish i was with you.keep up the great work.


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