Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maui and the sun.

How Maui slowed the sun down                              
Once a upon time there lived a man called Maui.The city that Maui lived in the
sun was moving so fast that they didn't have time to go fishing  and time to
hunt.When the sun came up it just raced  across  the sky and the people were
so mad because the days were short night were longer and Maui didn't have time
to eat his food.Maui talk to the brother in the darkness how to slow that sun

I have a plan to slow that sun so we have plenty of to catch the sun.They started to walk in
the dark so the sun couldn't  see them.When they felt the warmness of the hot fire from where
the sun rises from the biggest hole.Quick  get some clay and make a wall to hide behind and he
stayed still like a  tuatara.Do not jump out  only when I say so Maui saw the eyes of the sun and soon he saw the  big white hot teeth and Maui said now brother and the ropes over his hair.

Stop said the sun can't you see that I'm  nearly dead the sun moved this way and that way
but he can't get out Maui said loosen the ropes.The sun drifted slowly across the sky.

Retold By Anahera

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