Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Term 3 PENN movie

Life's a Stage!

Room 11 has been putting their acting skills to the test by playing drama games. This movie shows one of the games they have been playing, even you can join in. Just press 'play' and don't forget to leave us a thoughtful comment at the end. 


  1. Hi Room 11,

    I really loved your movie about guessing and acting out what the word was. It was so funny and good to watch. I loved that you had made a movie about this so that was a good choice. but for next time I think you can work on getting the voiceover in the right audio.

    By Rave

  2. Hi Room 11 that was a cool game with the I-pad it was exiting. you could of stopped moving the I-pad a lot but it was still good. My favourite part was when I was getting them right. overall I LOVED the movie and also keep up the fantastic work from Nikki :)

  3. Fabulous Room Nine!

    To have children make that movie themselves is honestly Amazing! I loved the movie, as well as the App! Later that day, I went home and actually downloaded the app! My favourite bit, about the movie, was guessing the pictures in the end! One of the things that I thought, that your class could work, on is holding the still.

    What A Fabulous Movie that was! I love it!

  4. Hi room 11

    I really like the funny way you were filming. Who can tell me ,Who am I,I really like to sleep.I think you need to think deeper and you will get it

  5. Hi Room 11,

    What a fun movie that was. Imagen playing that game in every Assembley.
    How did you find that movie of Ellen? All your acting skills are so asome. It so asome I want to be your class. Keep up the good work Room 11.

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  7. Hi Room 11,

    I really love that game you guys played it was awesome and I really liked it,it looked really fun to me. Will you post some more fabulous movies on your guys amazing wonderful blog?I think you guys need to have a tripod on your camera. But.... overall I think that if you guys were in a show off for best movies, you guys with win it. I betcha.

    From Nikita

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  9. Hi room 11 my name is Leka.

    I really like the act it took me a really long time to figurer out the act your class was doing at the end it was hard but awesome work it was funny as well. How long did it take you to make the video?. Keep up the good work room 11.

  10. Hi Room 11,
    Fabulous Movie I really enjoy how you acted the moves. It is a really cool app. Things you can do is trying to do is hold the camera still. My favorite parts is when you act the moves out.


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