Monday, September 2, 2013

maui and the sun

Along time ago there lived a man called Maui and his 4 brother.Maui called his 4 brothers  'we' 'are' getting some flax rope  too slower the sun down said Maui.The 4 brothers was angry because they felt that they were  going to die.But his 4 brother help Maui to do the flax rope.When they were dear they  Maui said make a wall so  the sun will not see us + do not let go of the rope s said Maui where the sun come up hid behind the wall do not troop the rope when I tell you so.the sun come up fast as Maui said now the flax rope went around his big boodle Maui said it again do not let go sun said Maui the said too Maui let go let go doesn't you see I'm needed dead let him go Maui now we hunt ate and ate our food

From Tevita 

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  1. Awesome job Tevita. Keep the awesome job up.

    by inez


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