Saturday, September 7, 2013

maui and the sun

many years ago there lived a man named Maui and his brothers. Then one day Maui was eating his lunch.  Then Maui was sick of eating his lunch in ''the days are to short  and the nights are long'' said maui
So Maui  went to see his 4 brothers and  told them about his problem . The brothers agreed but the brothers said it's possible to catch  the sun. but maui had an idea.Maui told to help him plat some flax as they were making  the ropes they sang a chant .

then Maui and his brothers were finished so set off. They only travelled at night so the would not see the each step that Maui took mud went in the middle of his toes Maui  and his brothers made it to the hole that the sun   sun came out of . then they built a big wall
with the dirt and hid behind the wall and waited till hot flaming sun came out once the sun came out maui jumped beat up then said" now" the brothers thew the ropes and court the sun until  the sun was  full of pain then the sun shouted  "are you crazy you almost killed me" the sun tried to run but it was to sore to go fast "lets the ropes go" said maui.

Retold by Angelo 

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  1. Hi Angelo.
    What a great story you have written.I like your detail in your story.I can't wait for your next story so I can comment on it.


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