Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maui and the sun

                     Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man name Maui. The people in his village was so mad because they had not have enough time to eat, hunt or fish Maui said "That sun is going to fast." He called out his brothers and his brothers came out in the dark "we need to slow the sun" said Maui "That is impossible" said his brothers "no it is not only can make strong flax ropes then we can do it" said maui. As the brothers were making the fireproof flax ropes Maui went to go and get his grandfathers bone he cured and sharpen it once they were finish the ropes they set off to the suns bed hole.

As they were walking towards the suns hole they made a wall of clay so the sun won't see him Maui said "throw the flax ropes when I say ok" "yes" said his brothers. The ground was shaking then the sun rose "now" said Maui the brothers throw the flax ropes onto the suns flames maui beat up the poor sun the sun shouted "stop do you know that I am nearly dead"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maui said let him go. The sun went by slowly. So that was my version of Maui and the sun.

Retold by Rosalina.

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