Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man called Maui and his brothers.Maui was thinking "that the Sun was too fast so we couldn't eat our food,hunt and fish" so he told his brothers that "we are going to slow the Sun down"The brothers said "we can't slow the Sun down" but Maui said "I have got a plan".

Maui and the brothers went to the hole of where the Sun lived,but first they made tight ropes with the flax to catch the Sun.After they finished making the ropes they headed off to slow the Sun down.when they got there the brothers were about to throw the ropes but Maui said "I will tell you went to throw the ropes",so they all waited until Maui said go.

When the sun rises up Maui said "go" so the brothers threw their ropes on the sun.The sun said "what are you guys doing can't you see i'm almost dead".Maui said "let go of the ropes my brothers" the brothers let go and the sun moved slowly so Maui and his brothers had time to hunt,fish and eat.

Retold by Omari 

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