Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maui and the sun

In a land far away  there lived a boy called day Maui said that sun goes  too  fast.  Maui had a plan  Maui went to get his brother's. He said we need to make that Sun go  solly.We can't do that said his brother's.Yes we can said Maui. we can make flax ropes.They made
all kinds of flax ropes like Triangles, circles and squares.They went out
at night because the sun wouldn't see them.finally he got there Maui said
to his brother's go and get some clay his brother's went to get the clay.
They  came back with hopes of clay they made wall's around them because the sun wouldn't see them.The brother's hid behind the wall
maui said when i say go jump out and grab the ropes. The sun went up
Maui said go his brother's jumped out .maui beat the sun with all his
mitey the sun said stop it you're killing me can't you see i'm nelly dead
maui said let it  go he's going to go slow shyla                   

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