Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man named Maui.Maui was upset that the sun was going to fast in fact the sun just got up and raced across the blue sky then went back down.One day Maui gathered his four brothers and told them about the sun.His brothers laughed we can't slow down the sun  it's impossible
not for long said Maui. The brothers still did not  agree but they still helped him but what if we
get burnt by the sun said the brothers we will pray and and mack strong ropes so that the ropes wouldn't burn too.later on the brothers set off at night so the sun would not see them coming.

The brothers and Maui  finally  got  to the hole where the sun rises.Maui said brothers help me build  a wall out of earth and once you have done that  get the flax rope and make sure it is ready for you to grab the sun.first the flaming heir went up then it came the big  eyes NOW Maui schemed  to the four brothers.all of the brothers grabbed the strong  ropes and pulled the big sun.
The big flaming sun said stop stop!!! can't you see that i'm almost  Dead! the brothers loosened the ropes on a count of three the four brother let go and from now on the sun just flows  by every day still wondering why Maui tried to kill him.

hay what should i do

But now if you look close enough at the sun you can see the flax rops on the big flaming sun.The End

But now if you look close enough  at the sun you can still see the  flax rops on the big flaming sun.The End
Retold by Mya


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  1. Hi Mya,
    I liked the way you had lots of detail and had expression keep up the great work


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