Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maui and the sun

Maui and the sun .
Many year ago there was a man called Maui one day Maui thinked  of a plan to make the sun go slow  so he called his brother they were making flax of ropes but Maui brothers was not happy but they still  helped. At last the ropes were ready and they set off  to the sun rose.  could go slow so the sun came in the big hole ''Maui said Now my brothers'' Maui  brothers threw the ropes over the sun ''Maui said hold on tight'' the sun said can't you see i'm nearly dead i'm not trying to kill you said Maui i'm just try to make you go slow so he did and Maui said let him go so they did.

Retold By Sulieti



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  1. Hi Sulieti i enjoyed reading your story about Maui and the Sun.by loseli


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