Friday, September 6, 2013

Maui and the sun

A long time ago there lived a man called Maui and his brothers.When Maui waked up in the morning he was angry because they didn't have enough time to go fishing hunt or eat.
So one day Maui had a plan.So then Maui and his brothers went to get some flax to
tie it with the rope.When they were making a rope they started to do the karakia.In the midllde of the night maui and the brothers went to the villige where the sun sleeps
''Lets sneak inside the hole'' said Maui.
Maui and the brothers went and sneak inside the hole.''separate  the ropes'' said Maui.Maui said '' don't let go'' said maui.
aftter that Maui and his brothers to let go off the the morning the sun went slow.

Retold By Loseli 

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  1. loseli i relly like your pargarafe about muai an the shyla


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